Swimming Pool Variable Speed Pumps, Pool Heaters, & Pool Repair in Sarasota & Bradenton Florida!
We take great pride in our equipment and offer competitive pricing for swimming pool Pentair and Hayward variable speed pumps, pool heaters, pool heat pumps, pool repair, and more.  We carry all of the Pentair and Hayward Products and we service the complete Sarasota Bradenton Florida area.  Call us for any Pool Repair!

The Best Pool Repair In Sarasota & Bradenton Fl! 

Save Up To $1500 on Electricity

Energy Saving Efficient Variable Speed Pool Pumps Have Revolutionized the Pool Pump Industry!

Get a 50% return on your investment now any where in the Sarasota Bradenton Florida area.  Install a Pentair or Hayward energy saving efficient variable speed pool pump.  You will save between $600 to $1500 per year on electricity alone.  These pool motors are extremely quiet, and because they are fully enclosed and run at low RPM's, they will last longer than single speed pool motors.  In addition, filtration is improved at low flow levels.  Our customers love them.  We are the best at pool repair in Sarasota & Bradenton Florida surronding areas.

Did you know that when a Pentair or Hayward variable speed motor runs at 50% output, the gallons per minute pumped are cut in half, but the energy  consumption is cut by 75%?  So by running your pump longer at slower speeds, we can move the same amount of water and save 25% more energy.  

Did you also know that the Pool Pump is generally the second biggest consumption of electricity in Florida households?  That's correct.  Right behind your air conditioner.  So when you need a pool repair in Sarasota & Bradenton Florida, call us and upgrade to an energy saving variable speed pump.

Come see our working Pentair and Hayward variable speed pump display at our pool repair store in Sarasota, Florida.   

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Gas & electric pool heaters in Sarasota, Florida.
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Hayward Energy Efficient Varible Speed Pump: Reliable Pool Repair in Sarasota, Florida.
One of our beautiful cleaned pools that we repaired using our pool supplies.
One of our beautiful cleaned pools that we repaired using our pool supplies.
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We specialize in Hayward Variable speed pool pumps,  Hayward pool pumps and Pool heaters, Pentair variable speed pool pump repair in Sarasota & Bradenton, FL
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