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Single Speed Pool pump in the Sarasota Florida area
Variable Speed pool pump available in the Sarasota Florida area.
Multiple speed pool pump in the Sarasota Florida area
Variable Speed
Energy Efficiency
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Life Expectancy
Recently released energy saving efficient variable speed pool pumps have revolutionized the pool pump Industry.  Customers of our pumps in the Sarasota & Bradenton Florida area generally get 50% return on their investment over a single speed motor, saving between $600 and $1500 per year on electricity alone.  This pool motor is extremely quiet, and because it's fully enclosed and runs at low RPM's, it will last longer than single speed pool motors.  Some interesting facts about pool pumps:
  • The pool pump is generally the second largest consumer of electricity in Sarasota & Bradenton, Florida area households, right behind the air conditioner.
  • When a variable speed motor runs at 50% output, the gallons per minute pumped is cut in half, but the energy consumption is cut by 75%.  So by running your pump longer at slower speeds, you can move the same amount of water and save 25% more energy.
  • The variable speed motor is run my magnetic's, not copper windings.  This reduces the heat, energy loss, and extends life. 

What ever your needs and your budget can afford, we can help you with pool pumps in the Sarasota & Bradenton Florida vicinity.  

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Inside of pool pump
Circulation is the key to keeping your pool healthy and algae free.  Movement of water is not possible without your pool pump.  Lets face it, without your pool pump in the Sarasota, Florida area, your pool becomes a pond.  What is a pool pump?  It's really a motor and pump, two parts.  The pool pump pulls water out of the pool through the plumbing equipment and onto the filter, and then back into the pool.

Signs that you may be in a need of a pool pump repair:
1.) Loud whining noises coming from pool pump
2.) Pump leaks or air bubbles in the pump basket
3.) Breaker tripping out
4.) Pump works intermittently
5.) Pool pump loses water flow or won't prime

If you are having any of these issues with pool pumps in the Sarasota & Bradenton Florida area, our service technicians can come out and diagnose the issue so your pool pump can be serviced, rebuilt, or replaced.  If your pool pump needs to be replaced, we will size it correctly to assure the entire pool circulates in a minimum of 8 hours.  Proper pool pump sizing is dependent on the flow rate required, gallons in the pool, head pressure or resistance, and pool filter size.  There are many different types of pool pumps on the market and pool equipment manufacturers are constantly coming up with more efficient pool pumps.  It is now possible to get computerized pumps that run far more efficiently and can save a pool owner significant money.

Below is a general summary of the pool pump options available to you in the Sarasota & Bradenton, Florida area.
Video of variable speed pool pump
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The Best Pool Pumps in the Sarasota & Bradenton, Florida.
Pool Pumps in Bradenton & Sarasota: What do they do? What are your options?  How we help?